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Center Name: Alzahra University
Paper Stat based on CIVILICA database: 5,027
Center Type: state university
Total University Ranking: 59
Center Ranking between state universities: 37
CIVILICA Access: Yes

Recent Indexed Papers of Alzahra University

The following section displays some of the latest articles from the Alzahra University, which is indexed at the CIVILICA database. These articles are not necessarily the latest articles produced by this center and are arranged in the order of indexing in CIVILICA.

last papers indexed from Alzahra University

No. Title Author Conference/Journal Year
1 An optimization model based decision support tools for inventory-routing rescheduling problem P. Fattahi 16th Iran International Industrial Engineering Conference 1398
2 Integrated Location Inventory Problem in an Agile Reliable Supply Chain with Perishable Products parviz Fattahi 16th Iran International Industrial Engineering Conference 1398
3 Disaster Road Network Reliability Estimation:A Bottom-Up Approach Mohammad.Ali .Saniee.Monfared 16th Iran International Industrial Engineering Conference 1398
4 An Optimal Model For Calculating Customer LifeTime Value Considering Network Effects Shahrzad Asadi 16th Iran International Industrial Engineering Conference 1398
5 Maintenance System Optimization under Environmental Constraints Using Newton-Raphson Method parviz Fattahi 16th Iran International Industrial Engineering Conference 1398
6 Calculating Matrix Reliability for Networks Using D-Spectrum Mohammad Ali Saniee Monfared 16th Iran International Industrial Engineering Conference 1398
7 A Complex Network Based Matrix Reliability Estimation of Iran’s Transmission System Sara Gharegozlou Hamedani 16th Iran International Industrial Engineering Conference 1398
8 Reliability Estimation of Iran s Power Network Mahdiyeh Kalaei 16th Iran International Industrial Engineering Conference 1398
9 Optimal Control of a Non-stationary Batch Service Production System Helia Yousefnejad 16th Iran International Industrial Engineering Conference 1398
10 Suppliers Selection and Order allocation with FANP-QFD-WASPAS Integrated Approach and Multi-objective mathematical modeling andisheh Rezaei 16th Iran International Industrial Engineering Conference 1398
11 مطالعه خواص اپتيك غير خطي نانولوله هاي كربني سنتز شده با كاتاليست نيكل و نيكل كبالت با استفاده از روش زد اسكن Sedigheh Dadras
12 نمود تجربي تغيير زواياي آلفا و بتا در ابررسانايي ابررساناهاي پايه آهن نوع 1111 Vahid Daadmehr
13 فعاليت فتو كاتاليستي نور مريي MWCNT/TiO2 با استفاده از تخريب متيلن بلو Samira Mohammad darvish
14 Length-weight relation of Oxynoemacheilus angorae (Steindachner, 1897) in Qarechay River of Markazi Proviance Sara Attaran The Second Iranian Conference of Ichthyology 1393
15 تفكردر تدريس، تاب آوري و استرس در ميان مدرسين ايراني زبان انگليسي: پژوهشي با روش آميخته Mohsen Shirazizadeh
16 برنامه آموزشي پنهان در آموزش اينترنت-محور زبان انگليسي: بازنمايي كنشگران اجتماعي ايراني در برنامه يادگيري زبان انگليسي بي بي سي Khadijeh Karimi Alavijeh
17 Prediction of social anxiety based on intolerance of uncertainty, behavioral inhibition systems and negative affect in students Batool Ahadi Third National Conference on Psychology, Education and Lifestyle 1398
18 VoA Special English for Persian Learners from the Perspective of Persian Speakers: A Critical Analysis Khadijeh Karimi Alavijeh
19 Relationship Between EFL Learners’ Computer Anxiety and Their Preferred Feedback Method(s) in Writing Masumeh Sadat Seyyedrezaie
20 A survey on design pattern selection Ameneh Naghdipour 6th National Conference on Applied Research in Computer Engineering and Information Technology 1398
21 The impact of economic freedom on the likelihood of economic crisis occurrence Mehdi Pedram 6th International Conference on Research in Management, Economics and Development 1398
22 Histamine Bis-spinaceamine Derivative As Activator Of Human Carbonic Anhydrase Enzyme For Artificial Tissues Engineering: A DFT Study Parisa Shahabi 2nd Iranian Catalyst Conference 1398
23 Magnetic N-doped Mesoporous Carbon Sheet: A Reusable and Heterogeneous Catalyst for Promoting Oxidation Reaction M Malmir 2nd Iranian Catalyst Conference 1398
24 Exergy, exergoeconomic and exergoenvironmental studies and optimization of a novel triple-evaporator refrigeration cycle with dual-nozzle ejector using low GWP refrigerants Sahar Nazer
25 بررسي تطبيقي جايگاه سواد سلامت در برنامه درسي كشورهاي فنلاند و ايران پروين احمدي
26 Forecasting Gold Price Using Data Mining Technique by Considering New Features and Comparison Between New Features and Original Data Fateme Zahra Darzi 3rd International Conference on Soft Computing 1398
27 Activation of CA enzyme by 1-(2-aminoethyl) piperazine: A quantum mechanical approach Mina Ghiasi 6th International Conference on Chemical and Chemical Engineering 1398
28 Investigation of the Educated Girls Tendency to Money and Its Effect on Protecting Family Foundations Hanniyeh Fattahzadeh
29 A Survey of the Growth in Morality in Adolescences with the Management of Parents Maryam Safara
30 The Mediating Effect of Job on the Relationship between Control Wrath and Mental Health in Extrovert Women Maryam Safari

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according to scientometrics analysis, the researchers of Alzahra University published 2,211 papers in joint with 267 universities.

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