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Center Name: Islamic Azad University of Nour
Paper Stat based on CIVILICA database: 1,983
Center Type: Azad University
Total University Ranking: 131
Center Ranking between Azad Universities: 60

Recent Indexed Papers of Islamic Azad University of Nour

The following section displays some of the latest articles from the Islamic Azad University of Nour, which is indexed at the CIVILICA database. These articles are not necessarily the latest articles produced by this center and are arranged in the order of indexing in CIVILICA.

last papers indexed from Islamic Azad University of Nour

No. Title Author Conference/Journal Year
1 Simulation of flow leakage in blade seals and investigating the effect of geometrical parameters on their performance Jafar Bazrafshan Second International Conference on Mechanical Engineering, Materials and Metallurgy 1398
2 The effect of suction jet angle on aerodynamic performance of NACA 0012 flapped airfoil – a CFD approach Esmaeel Fatahian, 4rd international conference on applied research in science and engineering 1398
3 Numerical study of convective heat transfer of fuel-oil-alumina nanofluid in a channel in the laminar flow Hossein Fatahian 27th Annual Conference of Mechanical Engineering 1398
4 Construction and Implementation of Power Quality Improvement Converter Based on Boost Topology Mohammad Vafadar Fifth International Conference on Quality Research in Electrical and Mechatronics Electrical Engineering 1397
5 An approach to Design of a Water-based Drilling Fluid in Shale Formations (Case study:Khangiran Oilfields in Iran) Mohammad Sadra Ghamarpoor The first international congress and international exhibition of science and technology 1397
6 Optimization of production line performance with the combined approach of data envelopment analysis and design of experiments Behzad Espidkar The First International Conference on Modern Approaches to Engineering Sciences 1397
7 Numerical Investigation of Heat Transfer of Flow Over the Cylinder with High Conductivity Fins Hossein Fatahian
8 Analytical study of nonlinear oscillatory systems using the Hamiltonian approach technique Masoud Saravi
9 The Relationship Between Middle Managers’ Financial Information and Interest (Loss) of Companies Accredited by Tehran Stock Exchange Kalaleh Shayanfar
10 Transient Analysis of the Third-order Charge Pump PLL for Phase Step Input Mohammad Vafadar 4th  national conference on applied research in electrical, mechanical and mechatronic 1395
11 HEAVY METAL REMOVAL FROMAQUEOUS SOLUTION BY NANOCOMPOSITE ALGINATE_MCM-41 H. TAVAKOLI 3rd International Conference on Ultrafine Grained and Nanostructured Materials 1390
12 What is Green wall?And how to implement and the benefits of green wall in the urban environment Mohamad Hasan Jouri International Conference on Environment and Natural Resources 1394
13 Experimental investigation for polyvinylpyrrolidone effect on silver nanofluid viscosity Gholamreza Sholeh 1st International Symposium on Nanotechnology 1395
14 Proposing A Distributed Model For Intrusion Detection In Mobile Ad-Hoc Network Using Neural Fuzzy Interface Meisam Yadollahzadeh
15 Free Cash Flow, Capital Structure and the Value of Listed Companies in Tehran Stock Exchange Roya Mansourlakoraj
16 Application of Central Composite Design for Ag+ and Zn2+ adsorption on analcime and modified analcime zeolites using AA spectroscopy Maryam Yousefpour International Conference on Engineering and Applied Sciences 1394
17 Numerical Modeling of Turbulent Natural Convection in A Square Cavity Mohammadreza Sedighi Conference on new findings in aerospace and related fields 1394
18 Thermo economic and exergy analysis of a compression-absorption refrigeration system assisted by geothermal energy Hesamoddin Salarian International Conference on Science and Engineering 1394
19 Performance Evaluation of Universities as Groups of Decision Making Units Bijan Rahmani Parchikolaei 2nd National Conference of Engineering Sciences 1394
20 Structural and characteraization of WO3 thin films prepared by sol-gel method Seyede Fatemeh Hosseini 2nd National Conference of Engineering Sciences 1394
21 Natural convection simulation using commercial CFD codes Mohammadreza Sedighi 2014 Emerging Trends in Energy Conservation 4rd Conference - ETEC 1393
22 Analysis of Group Performance Using Common Weights B. Rahmani Parchikolaei Sixth International Conference on DEA 1393
23 Evaluation of the role of services and facilities in the development of urban tourism (case study of Ramsar city) d.b lashak
24 Use of Biogas in a Typical Village in Iran Roozbeh Nickkho Amiry 2014 Emerging Trends in Energy Conservation 3rd Conference - ETEC 1392
25 Experimental Study on Mechanical Properties of Reinforced Polymer Matrix Using Different Kinds of Carbon Nanotubes Jalal Khaleghinia 4th Annual International Clean Energy Conference 1393
26 Hay Approach to investigate the effect of earth reflection coefficient on the solar collector operation Mahmood Hosseini 4th Annual International Clean Energy Conference 1393
27 Optimizing the Slope and Azimuth Angles of Solar Collectors in Mazandaran-Iran Mahmood Hosseini 4th Annual International Clean Energy Conference 1393
28 Effect of Agro-Waste Ash on Mechanical Properties of Epoxy Polymer Concrete m Hoseinzadeh
29 Solving fuzzy differential equations Optimal Homotopy Asymptotic Method Samira Ala International Conference on Nonlinear Modeling and Optimization 1391
30 Pareto Optimal - Front Method to Bi-Objective Local Search Genetic Algorithm for Uniform Parallel Machines Scheduling with Sequence -Dependent Setup Time Behzad Ezzati International Conference on Nonlinear Modeling and Optimization 1391

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according to scientometrics analysis, the researchers of Islamic Azad University of Nour published 1,125 papers in joint with 189 universities.

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