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Scientometrics of Islamic Azad University of Bam

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Center Name: Islamic Azad University of Bam
Paper Stat based on CIVILICA database: 684
Center Type: Azad University
Total University Ranking: 0
Center Ranking between Azad Universities: 107

Recent Indexed Papers of Islamic Azad University of Bam

The following section displays some of the latest articles from the Islamic Azad University of Bam, which is indexed at the CIVILICA database. These articles are not necessarily the latest articles produced by this center and are arranged in the order of indexing in CIVILICA.

last papers indexed from Islamic Azad University of Bam

No. Title Author Conference/Journal Year
1 A Low Power Full Adder Cell based on Carbon Nanotube FET for Arithmetic Units Mokhtar Mohammadi Ghanatghestani
2 Effect of Alkali-Silica reaction(ASR) on strength and durability of concrete structures Hadi Taheri 3th. International Congress on Contemporary in Civil Engineering, Architecture and Urban Development 1398
3 The Effect of Modified Atmosphere Packaging on Physicochemical, Microbial, and Sensorial Properties of Iranian Mazafati Date H Sarhadi
4 On the Impacts of Emotional Intelligence Enhancement on Developing Speaking Skill among EFL Learners; an Empirical Study Mohammad Reza Ebrahimi 1st national conference on fundamental research in language and literature 1397
5 An empirical examination of the association between multiple intelligences and language learning self-efficacyamong TEFL university students Mohammad Reza Ebrahimi
6 Inhibition effects of Zataria multiflora, Eucalyptus camaldulensis and Myrtus communis essential oil on mycelial growth of green mold of Orange Dawood Mirzabagheri
7 Strategies of passive defence in Kerman old neighborhoods architecture Shahpoor Gheibi International Congress on Sustainability in Architecture and Urbanism -Masdar city 1393
8 study of aqueduct utilization system with the use of climatical technique for creation sustainable architecture in hot and dry Mansoureh Nikpour International Congress on Sustainability in Architecture and Urbanism -Masdar city 1393
9 Study of Architectural Technique for Designing and Creating Sustainable Spaces Naser Nikpour International Congress on Sustainability in Architecture and Urbanism -Masdar city 1393
10 Correlation between window area and heat gain in Kerman city of Iran Mansour Nikpour International Congress on Sustainability in Architecture and Urbanism -Masdar city 1393
11 Probabilistic evaluation of concrete beams strengthened with full carbon polymer fiber strip Hamzeh Dehghani 2nd international congress of structure, architecture and urban development 1393
12 Study of the sustainable architecture patterns in the buildings of the ancient urban context of Bam City Bam Old Citadel Behnoosh seyfadini shams abad International conference on civil engineering, architecture and Urban Sustainable Development 1392
13 Barriers to Sustaining Cultural Landscape of Bam Mohsen Ghasemi International Conference on Geography,Urban Planning and Sustainable Development 1392
14 Direct Conversion Receiver RF front end for Third Generation W-CDMA Shila Shamsadini Congress on Electrical, Computer and Information Technology 1392
15 Evaluation and possibility of Virtualization for real spaces in architecture Case study: Virtual &real Incubators of science and technology parks Hamideh ghabeli 6th Symposium on Advances in Science and Technology (5thsastech 1391
16 The effects of human disturbance on diversity of natural regeneration in forest species Mohammadreza Yavarzadeh International Conference on Indigenous Knowlege for Biodiversity Conservation 1390

Ditailed Scientometrics of Islamic Azad University of Bam



The indicators of cooperation between scientific centers are one of the most important factors influencing the growth and prosperity of scientific development of countries, which is mentioned by the name of research, co-authorship and writing. The CIVILICA Scientometric section extracts compilative indices and provides it to the scientific centers for a moment.
according to scientometrics analysis, the researchers of Islamic Azad University of Bam published 254 papers in joint with 54 universities.

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