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Center Name: Hakim Sabzevari University
Paper Stat based on CIVILICA database: 3,282
Center Type: state university
Total University Ranking: 86
Center Ranking between state universities: 45
CIVILICA Access: Yes

Recent Indexed Papers of Hakim Sabzevari University

The following section displays some of the latest articles from the Hakim Sabzevari University, which is indexed at the CIVILICA database. These articles are not necessarily the latest articles produced by this center and are arranged in the order of indexing in CIVILICA.

last papers indexed from Hakim Sabzevari University

No. Title Author Conference/Journal Year
1 A Comparison between Credit Portfolio Management Methods And Steps for Applying in Practice Mahdi Goldani 16th Iran International Industrial Engineering Conference 1398
2 Absorbed Dose Assessment from Short-Lived Radionuclides of Radon (222Rn) Decay Chain in Lung Tissue: A Monte Carlo Study Zohreh Danaei
3 The role of attachment styles and brain-behavioral systems in substance abuse relapse of ‎opiate addicts Hossein Shareh
4 The Relationship between Vocabulary Size and Depth for Iranian EFL Learners at Different Language Proficiency Levels Mostafa Janebi Enayat
5 Iranian EFL Teachers’ and Learners’ Perceptions of the Principles of Critical Thinking: A Constructivist Grounded Theory Study Fatemeh Sadeghi
6 ساخت و اعتبار سنجي پرسشنامه آموزش انتقادي جهت ارزيابي معلمان زبان انگلسي: يك مطالعه آميخته Seyyed Mohammad Reza Adel
7 Application of Gene Expression Programming Model to Present a New Model for Bond Strength of Fiber Reinforced Polymer and Concrete Hassan Saghi
8 Monitoring the Land Subsidence and its Associated Landforms Using Remote Sensing Techniques in Feyzabad Plain (north-east Iran) R Zandi
9 Evaluating Physical Changes in Aquatic Zones and Their Relation with Precipitation in Fars Province M Khosravian
10 Investigating the role of duality in geomorphology using radar data in Bahadoran plain of Yazd Hamed Adab
11 The pattern of Resource Consumption Based on Network Traffic Overhead Mina Malekzadeh 6th National Conference on Applied Research in Computer Engineering and Information Technology 1398
12 Jitter-Minimized IP Communication for Congestion Control Mina Malekzadeh 6th National Conference on Applied Research in Computer Engineering and Information Technology 1398
13 A Study of NoSQL and MongoDB Application Faeze Roein Fard 6th National Conference on Applied Research in Computer Engineering and Information Technology 1398
14 A Privacy Preserving Indexing Scheme for Outsourced Data Somayeh Sobati M. 6th National Conference on Applied Research in Computer Engineering and Information Technology 1398
15 توسعه مدلي از تاثير كيفيت خدمات، هويت اجتماعي برند و دلبستگي به تيم بر وفاداري هواداران فوتبال Ali Benesbordi
16 Simulation of Aggregates in the Modeling of Bond Behavior Between Concrete and Steel Rebar under Pull-out Test Hamid Eskandari-Naddaf 3rd International Conference on Soft Computing 1398
17 EZH2 Gene Silencing Can Affect the Expression of miR-155 and TP53INP1 Madjid Momeni-Moghaddam
18 Non-coding RNAs Could Be New Tools for Cancer Treatment Madjid Momeni-Moghaddam
19 Comparison of Human Factor IX Abundance and mRNA Expression Levels InStable Insect and Mammalian Cells Jafar Vatandoost
20 Finite Element Instability Analysis of the Steel Joist of Continuous Composite Beams with Flexible Shear Connectors H Bakhshi
21 Problems and Prospects of Growing Carp in Russia and other Countries of the World Mikhail V. Shatokhin
22 The network 1-median problem with discrete demand weights and traveling times m abareshi
23 A Critical Review of Agency in ELT: Philosophical, Psychological and Social Turns Seyyed Mohammad Reza Adel 7th National Congress of Applied Research in Language Studies 1398
24 Moves in Introduction Sections of Research Articles in Psychology, Persian Literature,and Applied Linguistics: A Genre-based Study Seyyed Mohammad Reza Adel 7th National Congress of Applied Research in Language Studies 1398
25 The role of control optimization in improving the operation of solar water heating systems in green buildings Mohsen Ahmadnia Fifth National Conference on Electrical and Mechatronics Engineering of Iran 1398
26 Analyzing the Climatic Potentials for Development of Tourism and Water Sports in Khorassan Razavi Province of Iran Elahe Akbari
27 The Capacity of Production Biogas from Livestock Excrements in Jovein City, Khorasan Razavi Province, Iran Iman Vaezi 4th International Congress of Developing Agriculture, Natural Resources, Environment and Tourism of Iran 1398
28 Effect of EZH2 Inhibition on Colorectal Cancer Cells: an In Vitro Study Madjid Momeni-Moghaddam
29 Effect of Vitamin C, as an Antioxidant, on Immobilization-Induced Changes in Sexual Behavior and Sperm Count in Male Mice Toktam Hajjar
30 Altered DREB1A Gene Expression in Arabidopsis thaliana Leads to Change in Root Growth, Antioxidant Enzymes Activity, and Response to Salinity but Not to Cold Eisa Kohan-Baghkheirati

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according to scientometrics analysis, the researchers of Hakim Sabzevari University published 1,280 papers in joint with 180 universities.

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