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Scientometrics of Islamic Azad University of Ramsar

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Center Name: Islamic Azad University of Ramsar
Paper Stat based on CIVILICA database: 398
Center Type: Azad University
Total University Ranking: 0
Center Ranking between Azad Universities: 145

Recent Indexed Papers of Islamic Azad University of Ramsar

The following section displays some of the latest articles from the Islamic Azad University of Ramsar, which is indexed at the CIVILICA database. These articles are not necessarily the latest articles produced by this center and are arranged in the order of indexing in CIVILICA.

last papers indexed from Islamic Azad University of Ramsar

No. Title Author Conference/Journal Year
1 The Urban Path Routing Adjustable Optimization by Means of Wavelet Transform and Multistage Genetic Algorithm Hamoon Pourmirzaagha
2 Cardiovascular disease detection using a new ensemble classifier Hamidreza Ashrafi Esfahani 4nd Internatioanl Conference on Knowledge -Base Engineering and Innovation 1396
3 Specifying the environmental consistency indexes on Rasht tourist recreation complex Shaghayegh kamali mojaveri Conference on Civil, Architectural and Urban Development in Muslim Countries 1397
4 Electromechanical Performance of NEMS Actuator Fabricated from Nanowire under quantum vacuum fluctuations using GDQ and MVIM Alireza Yekrangi
5 Increasing the volume of dam reservoirs using rubber sam Behnam Valizadeh Mighaddam 2nd International Conference of Civil Engineering, Architecture and urban landscape 1396
6 The Process of Creating Generations of High-Rise Buildings in the World Seyed yaser mousavi 2nd International Conference on Research in Science and Engineering 1395
7 Investigation of the vdW Force-Induced Instability in Nanoscale Actuators Fabricated form Cylindrical Nanowires Alireza Yekrangi
8 Modeling of the intermolecular Force-Induced Adhesion in Freestanding Nanostructures Made of Nano-beams Alireza Yekrangi
9 Task scheduling and calculating reliability in tree-structured grid services using colored petri net Mahdieh khanramaki 2nd International Conference on Electrical Engineering and Computer Science finds new research 1395
10 The Urban Path Routing Adjustable Optimization By Meaansof Wavelet Transform and Multistage Genetic Algorithm Seid Miad Zandavi 3rd International Conference on Science and Engineering 1395
11 Boosting the Correlation Based Watermarking with Unsharp Mask Saeed Amirgholipour
12 CENTRIFUGAL COMPRESSOR FLUID FLOW ANALYSIS USING CFD Seyed Meysam Mosania 2nd National Conference of Engineering Sciences 1394
13 Hydrodynamic Isolation for Concrete Arch Dams Majid Pouraminian 15th students Conference on Civil Engineering 1393
14 Simulation of Gravity Wave Propagation in Free Surface Flows by an Incompressible SPH Algorithm s.m mahnama
15 Prediction of local scouring in braided rivers by stochastic modeling m ouraminian 9th International Congress on Civil Engineering 1391
16 An Investigation on the Seismic Stability of Persian Brick Arches m Pouraminian 06th International Conference on Seismology and Earthquake Engineering 1390
17 XML Document Clustering Based on Common Tag Names Anywhere in the Structure Baharak Shakeriaski 14th annual International CSI Computer Conference 1388

Ditailed Scientometrics of Islamic Azad University of Ramsar



The indicators of cooperation between scientific centers are one of the most important factors influencing the growth and prosperity of scientific development of countries, which is mentioned by the name of research, co-authorship and writing. The CIVILICA Scientometric section extracts compilative indices and provides it to the scientific centers for a moment.
according to scientometrics analysis, the researchers of Islamic Azad University of Ramsar published 220 papers in joint with 64 universities.

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