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Center Name: Iran University of Medical Sciences
Paper Stat based on CIVILICA database: 2,966
Center Type: Medical University
Total University Ranking: 93
Center Ranking between Medical Universities: 5

Recent Indexed Papers of Iran University of Medical Sciences

The following section displays some of the latest articles from the Iran University of Medical Sciences, which is indexed at the CIVILICA database. These articles are not necessarily the latest articles produced by this center and are arranged in the order of indexing in CIVILICA.

last papers indexed from Iran University of Medical Sciences

No. Title Author Conference/Journal Year
1 Using Smart PLS-SEM to assess the impact of occupational factors on acquired color vision impairment Rasoul Yarahmadi Eleventh General Conference on Occupational Health and Safety 1398
2 Sub-Occipital Myofascial Release Technique In Subjects With Cervicogenic Headache Ebrahim Ramezani 6th international iranian headeche congress 1398
3 Sleep Disorders and their Consequences on the Military Personnel: A Narrative Review Solmaz Sadat Hosseini Zijoud
4 Changes in the Geographic Pattern of Iran s International Collaboration in Cardiovascular Research: A 15-Year Period Mohsen Maadani
5 Bio-heat Transfer Modeling of High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound Waves in an Ex-Vivo Setup for Choroidal Tumor Treatment Mohammad Bagher Shiran 26th national and 4rd international Iranian Conference on Biomedical Engineering 1398
6 Ultrasound-Induced Temperature Rise in Ex-Vivo Cow Eye Chorioretinal Region and Vitreous Humor Mohammad Bagher Shiran 26th national and 4rd international Iranian Conference on Biomedical Engineering 1398
7 The effects of cerebellar transcranial alternating current stimulation on hand tremor in Parkinson s disease: a preliminary study Bijan Forogh 26th national and 4rd international Iranian Conference on Biomedical Engineering 1398
8 Detection of neuromuscular effect on kinetics and kinematics variables in badminton overhead smash executed by elite and non-elite athletics Afsaneh Safar Cherati 26th national and 4rd international Iranian Conference on Biomedical Engineering 1398
9 Comparison of acceptance tests for SPECT systems in Tehran [Persian] Seyed Hasan Firoozabadi
10 Feasibility of using statistical tests in evaluation of non-uniformity [Persian] Fereidoon Rastgoo
11 Assessment of deconvolution technique for diagnosis of hydronephrosis in infants (under 6 months) [persian] Nahid Yaghoobi
12 Tissue uptakes of 67Ga-bleomycin and carrier free 67Ga in fibrosarcoma-bearing mice B Bolouri
13 Appropriate energy window width for gamma camera [Persian] Hassan Firoozabadi
14 Calculation of 99mTc-DTPA transit times in normal kidney [Persian] Nahid Yaghoobi
15 Attenuation correction in myocardial perfusion SPECT using sequential transmission - emission scanning with 99mTc [Persain] Masoud Vafamanesh
16 Effects of depression on myocardial perfusion scintigraphy [Persian] Jamak Modaresi Esfeh
17 Energy window setting for optimum Tl-201 cardiac imaging [Persian] Nahid Yaghoobi
18 A novel dual energy CT-based attenuation correction method in PET/CT systems: A phantom study Hossein Ghadiri
19 Letter to the Editor: Evaluate the effects of curcumin on the prevention of atrial and ventricular arrhythmias and heart failure in patients with unstable angina Masoud Khorshidi
20 Assessment of Ki67 in Breast Cancer: A Comparison Between the Eye-10 Method, Stepwise Counting Strategy, and International System of Ki67 Evaluation Maryam Kadivar
21 Persister cells formation and expression of type II Toxin-Antitoxin system genes in Brucella melitensis (16M) and Brucella abortus (B19) Fatemeh Amraei
22 Evaluation of Phenotypic and Genotypic Characteristics of Carbapnemases-producing Enterobacteriaceae and Its Prevalence in a Referral Hospital in Tehran City Kosar Jalalvand
23 Effect of Enteral Administration of Granulocyte-Colony Stimulating Factor (G-CSF) on Feeding Tolerance in Very Low Birth Weight and Extremely Low Birth Weight Neonates; a Historical-Controlled Clinical Trial Leila Allahqoli
24 The Regulatory Effect of lncRNA PSORS1C3 on Different Variants of OCT4 in non-Pluripotent Cells Mahshid Malak ootian
25 Differential Expression of EGFR, MAP2K4 and E2F3 Genes as Targets of miR-141 and Its Association with Immune System Pathway Soheila Shokrollahzade
26 Pattern of electrical injury in children and adolescents Zeinab Khodadadi 9th national burn congress 1398
27 The effect of self-management training on comfort of burn patients who are candidate for skin grafting Mahnaz Seyedoshohadaee 9th national burn congress 1398
28 The effect of group meaning therapy on life expectancy, quality of life and general health of patients with chronic scar burns Rogayeh Samimi 9th national burn congress 1398
29 Effect of granulocyte colony stimulating factor (G CSF) on bacterial translocation and wound healing in burned mice Maryam Roham 9th national burn congress 1398
30 Quality of life in patients with electrical injuries Fereshteh Pourabbasaliomran 9th national burn congress 1398

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according to scientometrics analysis, the researchers of Iran University of Medical Sciences published 1,972 papers in joint with 174 universities.

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