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Scientometrics of Babol Noshirvani University of Technology

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Center Name: Babol Noshirvani University of Technology
Paper Stat based on CIVILICA database: 5,281
Center Type: state university
Total University Ranking: 51
Center Ranking between state universities: 34
CIVILICA Access: Yes

Recent Indexed Papers of Babol Noshirvani University of Technology

The following section displays some of the latest articles from the Babol Noshirvani University of Technology, which is indexed at the CIVILICA database. These articles are not necessarily the latest articles produced by this center and are arranged in the order of indexing in CIVILICA.

last papers indexed from Babol Noshirvani University of Technology

No. Title Author Conference/Journal Year
1 The Influence of DC-Link Voltage on Commutation Torque Ripple of Brushless DC Motors with Two-Segment Pulse-width Modulation Control Method MohammadReza Zahabi
2 A Simple General-purpose I-V Model for All Operating Modes of Deep Submicron MOSFETs Sepideh Valiollahi
3 Distributed Generation Expansion Planning Considering Load Growth Uncertainty: A Novel Multi-Period Stochastic Model Javad Hosseini mola
4 Using the Genetic Algorithm based on the Riedel Equation to Predict the Vapor Pressure of Organic Compounds Hamid Bakhshi
5 Separation of Curcumin from Curcuma longa L. and its Conjugation with Silica Nanoparticles for Anti-cancer Activities Sepideh Rezaei
6 Interpreting the CO2 adsorption on functionalized organic group of IRMOF-1: A B3LYP DFT based study Mohsen Jahanshahi
7 A New Analog-based LO Harmonic Rejection Technique with Tunable Notch Frequency M. Niaboli Guilani
8 A Numerical Simulation of Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries P. Hasannasab
9 Foil Application to Reduce Resistance of Catamaran under High Speeds and Different Operating Conditions H. Kazemi moghadam
10 Experimental Hysteresis Identification and Micro-position Control of a Shape-Memory-Alloy Rod Actuator S. A. Mir Mohammad Sadeghi
11 A New Restricted Earth Fault Relay Based on Artificial Intelligence A. Ebadi
12 Enhanced Vitamin B12 Production using Chlorella vulgaris N. Jalilian
13 Fabrication of Nanoporous Functionalized Hydroxyapatite as High Performance Adsorbent for Acid Blue 25 Dye Removal M. Ghorbani
14 Reversible Logic Multipliers: Novel Low-cost Parity-Preserving Designs F. Eslami-Chalandar
15 Improvement of Die Corner Filling of Stepped Tubes Using Warm Hybrid Forming A. Taheri Ahangar
16 Electrokinetic and Sediment Remediation in Microbial Fuel Cell (RESEARCH NOTE) M. Razavi
17 Plant-Based Calcium Fructoborate as Boron-Carrying Nanoparticles for Neutron Cancer Therapy F. Pirouz
18 The Energy and Exergy Analysis of Integrated Hydrogen Production System Using High Temperature Steam Electrolysis with Optimized Water Path (RESEARCH NOTE) R. Abedini
19 A Novel Metamaterial Microelectromechanical Systems Phase Shifter with High Phase Shift and High Bandwidth A. Razeghi
20 Design of a High Range, High Efficiency Spread Spectrum Transmitter for Audio Communication Applications S. Seifi
21 A High Gain Bipolar Pulse Generator with Low Voltage Input Source Hosein Gholamalitabar
22 Microwave Ultrasound Assisted Extraction: Determination of Quercetin for Antibacterial and Antioxidant Activities of Iranian Propolis Ghasem Najafpour Darzi
23 Simulation of Dual Fuel Combustion of Direct Injection Engine with Variable Natural Gas Premixed Ratio Davood Domeyri Ganji
24 Common Spatial Patterns Feature Extraction and Support Vector Machine Classification for Motor Imagery with the SecondBrain A. Rayatnia
25 Electrical Energy Management in Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant Atiyeh Ebrahimi
26 Flexural Performance of High-strength Prestressed Concrete-encased Concrete-filled Steel Tube Sections Zohreh Rahmani
27 Predicting the Coefficients of Antoine Equation Using the Artificial Neural Network (TECHNICAL NOTE) Amir Hosein Khosravi Ghasemi
28 Recycling and Reuse of Organo-sulfur Compounds from Barrels of Natural Gas Contaminated with Mercaptan Odorant Ghasem Najafpour Darzi
29 Frequency Control of Islanded Microgrids Based on Fuzzy Cooperative and Influence of STATCOM on Frequency of Microgrids Seyed Mehdi Hosseini
30 The Role of Different Subject Materials on the Admission of PhD Candidates of Epidemiology, Bacteriology and Parasitology during 2006-2007 Hossein Mehri-Dehnavi

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according to scientometrics analysis, the researchers of Babol Noshirvani University of Technology published 2,473 papers in joint with 197 universities.

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