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The 4th International Conference on Modern Finding in Sciences and Technology

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Conference Subjects: Engineering and Technology
Conference Venue: Qom

The Conference Topics
A: Modern Finding on Engineering Sciences
1. Computer Engineering
2. Electrical Engineering
3. Mechanical Engineering
4. Civil Engineering
5. Agricultural Engineering
6. Architectural Engineering
7. Aerospace Engineering
8. Metallurgical Engineering
9. Biomedical Engineering
10. Mining Engineering
B: Modern Finding in Applied Sciences
1. Geography and Planning
2. Biological Sciences
3. The Geology
4. Agricultural Sciences
5. Statistics and Mathematics
6. Applied Physics
7. Applied Chemistry
8. Biotechnology
9. Health Sciences
10. Environment
C: Modern Finding in Human Sciences
1. Psychology
2. Social Sciences
3. Educational Sciences
4. Archaeology
5. Management
6. Language Teaching
7. Philosophy
8. Economy
9. Research in Art
10. Sport Sciences
D: The leading road map to the Generation of science and technology,development and Progress

1. Strategies for Science Progress in the Country
2. Strategies for Realization of science and technology Development
3. Defaults of Science Progress in the country
4. Importance of Science and Technology in the World
5. Explain the overview of progress
6. Pattern of Islamic-Iranian Science Development

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Thu 15 Jun 2017
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