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National Conferemce on GIScience: Basis and Trans/Interdisciplinary Applications

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Conference Venue: Mashhad


This is three years that we celebrate Geography awareness week and GISDay in the Ferdowsi University of Mashhad to prepare the situation for academics, government members and private companies to talk together in the northeast of Iran and we had guests from Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and Italy too. Our conference is the only place in the northeast (Khorasan) which all GIScience related peoples, organizations and companies meet each other.

For the fourth time, we decide to hold a conference titled “GIScience: Basis and Trans/Interdisciplinary Applications” in November 6th 2019. This conference will be a special platform for researchers, academics, students, innovators, scientists, and industry practitioners to discuss current research, which is shaping a new world society.

It’s my pleasure to ask your scientific cooperation and support (as committee members) and invite all your members and young scholars to join us in Mashhad with full paper, abstract, posters and project/thesis reports submissions.



Some subject areas of the conference:

Contributions are invited from a wide range of disciplines related to Geographic Information Science, including:

· Geography

· Cognitive science

· Computer science

· Engineering

· Information science

· Linguistics

· Mathematics

· Philosophy

· Psychology

· Social science

· (Geo)Statistics

· Data science


We welcome also encourage papers on new and emerging or under-represented topics, such as:

· GIScience of the Internet of Things

· GeoSemantic Web

· GIScience in mobility, including autonomous vehicles

· Advances in geosimulation and Cartography

· GIScience and location privacy

· Spatial Big Data and global datasets

· (Deep) Machine Learning, Data mining, Soft Computing

· ISOs, Standards and Regulations

· GIScience Education/Teaching

· Open Sources (Software, data and ...)

· GDI: Geographic Data Infrastructure, SDI: Spatial Data Infrastructure, Meta Data

· Topology

· Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

· UAVs, satellites and space industries

· Geographic Object Based Image Analysis (GEOBIA)

· Volunteered Geographic Information, Crowd sourced Geographic Data

· Biodiversity, Biogeography and Ecology

· Regional, Urban and Rural Spatial Planning

· Ecosystem Services and Environment

· Passive defense, Security, Border Management and Crime studies

· Human and Social Studies

· Health and hygiene

· Disasters, Hazards, Climatic and Geomorphological Studies

· Industries, Mining and Energy

· Sustainable Development Goals

· Crisis Management, Safety and Emergency

· Local and National governments

· Agriculture and Natural Resources

· Networks (National and international laboratories and associations)

· Emerging businesses, Startups and Knowledge-Based companies

· Point clouds (Lidar, Structure From Motion, Photogrammetry, … )

· Tourism, Business and Real State

· And ....

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Tue 05 Nov 2019
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