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19th Iranian Conference on Fuzzy Systems

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19th Iranian Conference on Fuzzy Systems (2020-03-04 - 2020-03-06) by will be held in Mashhad

Conference Subjects: Medical Administration ، Theory and Mathematics ، Engineering and Technology ، Social Science ، Arts and Humanities
Conference Venue: Mashhad


It is a great pleasure to welcome you to the 8th Joint Congress on Fuzzy and Intelligent Systems (CFIS2020), Mashhad, Iran. The CFIS2020 consists of two highly successful conferences, (1) the 19th Iranian Conference on Fuzzy Systems (ICFS2020), and (2) the 17th Conference on Intelligent Systems (CIS2020). This year’s gathering also includes the 4th Conference on Evolutionary Computation and Swarm Intelligence (CECSI2020), all being held as the First Joint Congress on Computational Intelligence (CCI2020). Accordingly, we expect this event to become the largest gathering of the CI community in Iran and the region.

We hope the complementary aspects of these three conferences and their corresponding disciplines will further promote the cross-fertilization of ideas and help solve the complex problems of the modern world. As such, this year’s congress theme is ‘AI-for-Good’ and accordingly is scheduled on the national ‘Good-Deeds’ week. The Congress has both English and Persian sessions. Hence, we hope to have active participation by both Persian-speaking and English-speaking colleagues around the world.

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