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The first international conference on Improving Resilience of Healthcare and Critical Facilities

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Conference Subjects: General Engineering
Conference Venue: Tehran

Introducing the Conference:

The First International Conference of Improving Resilience on Health and Critical Facilities (IRHCF) aims to bring together public and private stakeholders, academics, researchers and experts in the field of health facilities and public buildings construction. It will provide a platform to discuss latest technical advancements and innovations in the area of resilience of critical facilities. It is an excellent opportunity for the exchange of ideas and knowledge, and for discoursing facing challenges.

The goal is to held a successful event of the highest standards to promote achievement of BEHTAB Project. It will bring decision makers, local authorities, hospital managers, academics, researchers and practitioners from leading public and private institutions and universities to exchange thoughts and highlight the latest developments and findings in design, construction and maintenance of health facilities and public buildings.

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Sun 29 Sep 2019
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