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the 5th international congress on nutrition,growth and development of neonates

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Conference Subjects: Health Science ، Nutrition and Dietetics ، Medicine ، Pediatrics
Conference Venue: Mashhad

 Main Topics

1-      Breastfeeding, Neonatal Growth and Development

2-      Prematurity, Growth and Developmental Delay

3-      Food Allergies in Neonates

4-     Nutrition and necrotizing enterocolittis (NEC)

5-     Neurodevelopmental Disorders in Neonates

6-     Nutrition and Growth in Neonatal Renal Diseases
7-   Inborn Errors of Metabolism and Screening Programs

8-   Addicted mother and neonatal nutrition

9-   Total parenteral  nutrition     

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Wed 24 Jun 2020
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