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بررسی و انتخاب در توده های در حال تفکیک گندم دوروم در برنامه مشترک بین المللی اصلاح گندم بهاره

نوع محتوی : طرح پژوهشیYear: 1385
استان موضوع گزارش : البرزشهر موضوع گزارش: کرج
کد COI Research: R-1070269تاریخ درج در سایت: 27 بهمن 1397
زبان اصلی Research: Persian دسته بندی علمی Research: علوم کشاورزی
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In Conventional Plant breeding, hybiridization is the most effective method for producing new desirable caltivan .Segregating within populations starts from F2 generation and continues to F6 or F7. To obtain stable genotypes of durum wheat for harsh environments and adaptable to drought, heat and other stresses of CW ANA region ,143 populations of F3 generation derived from F2generation of ICARDA crossing bloek program were planted and , studied in Dezful research station. Modified pedigree- bulk method was used for selection of the plants with desirable characteristics such as suitable height, earliness, size and type of spikes, tole'ranee or'resistance to the common diseases , strong and synchronized tillers , lodging resistance , durability of the leaves t and (maUy 23 generations were selected for next crop season.


زودرسی , خوابیدگی , توده های درحال تفکیک , گندم دوروم , گندم بهاره , برنامه بین المللی ایکاردا , دزفول

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