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بررسی اثرات تاریخ کاشت بر عملکرد و اجزا عملکرد دو رقم گلرنگ روغنی پاییزه در منطقه ارومیه (تنش تاریخ کاشت)

نوع محتوی : طرح پژوهشیYear: 1378
استان موضوع گزارش : آذربایجان غربیشهر موضوع گزارش: ارومیه
کد COI Research: R-1071224تاریخ درج در سایت: 27 بهمن 1397
زبان اصلی Research: Persian دسته بندی علمی Research: علوم کشاورزی
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In order to study the effect of three sowing date on some traits of two winter safflower varieties, an experiment was conducted at the agricultural research station, Urmieh University in 1377-78. A split plot design with four replications was used in RCB design. Two winter safflower varieties As a main factor (LR1V-51-59, Varamin-295) and three plating date (25 Shahrivar, 5, 10 Mehr) As a sub factor were carried out. There was a significat difference (%1) between all of the studied traites. It was found that the LR1V-51-59 variety and early sowing date had the maximum of total dry weight, capsule in shrub, 1000 K.W., K.W. in shrub, oil percentage and harvest index. Late sowing dates increase only the plant height because of decreasing in sub stem and Varamin-259 varierty was superior in height. There was a significant diffrence (%1) between the date of sowing and variety for number of capsule in shrub, K.W. in shrub, plant height, oil percentage, harvest index and a significant diffrence (%5) for 1000 K.W. There was no significant interaction only for dry weight. These results shows that safflower has a hight sensitiveness for environmental factors and It's genotype. As a genral result (20-30 shahrivar) is a favorable sowing date for safflower and LR1V-51-59 variety is recommend because of its high yield and high oil percentage.


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