Evaluation of the efficiency of three-layer filter of anthracite,silica and steel slag in greywater treatment of washing machine

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تاریخ نمایه سازی: 17 آذر 1399


Today due to population growth and declining available water resources,separation of greywater from domestic wastewater and its reuse has been considered in most parts of the world.domestic wastewater is known to be one of the biggest sources of water storage;so that recycling and reuse it,will significantly reduce the consumption of purified domestic water.domestic wastewater is divided into two parts:first part is black water,which is defined as toilet wastewater and it is highly contaminated with pathogens,organic matter and a large amount of nutrients.the second part is greywater,which includes other source of domestic wastewater,on average included 70-75% of domestic wastewater.in this study,the efficiency of a three-layer filter of anthracite,silica and steel slag in three hydraulic loadings on a pilot scale was investigated.the results showed that the average removal in pH,EC,turbidity,TSS,COD,BOD5,nitrate,phosphate was 2.66%,0%,63%,70.33%,54%,52%,78.3%,86%,respectively


Saeedeh Rahmati

Masters student,Environmental Engineering Department,Shahid Chamran University,Ahvaz,Iran

Ahmad Fathi

Assistant Professor of Environmental Engineering Department,Shahid Chamran University,Ahvaz,Iran

Afshin Takdastan

Associate Professor of Environmental Technology Research Center,Jundishapur University of Medical Sciences,Ahvaz,Iran