Impact of Technology on Evolution Process and Expansion of Art

Publish Year: 1398
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تاریخ نمایه سازی: 25 تیر 1400


Human beings have witnessed rapid growth of technology that consumerism and the effects oftechnological era on art and the audience are unpredictable. Today, the use of various technologiesin arts and their impact on the audience is undeniable. Although the mind is an important factor inthe creation of artistic works, the evolution process of creation of artistic works expresses the upsand downs of shapes, aesthetics and content. Therefore, the present paper examines the role oftechnology in the production of work of art; and the impact on the audience in digital-orientedworks with the aim to study the interaction of the audience and the digital effect based on theassumption that technology only raised the appearance of artistic forms into the problem. Butinfluence of digital technology in art, the passive audience has become active and eventuallyintelligent over time, and during the technological developments, the user has taken the role indigital artwork.Examining the studies and available evidence by descriptive-analytical method, the results indicatethat digital world has brought a new identity and new characters that have different psychology. Inthis situation, the artist and audience are present in a continuous interaction and are constantlyconverging, so in this interaction, the audience’s name becomes the user. In this sense, the usertakes the role of the audience of the work of art and artist in an interactive relationship. The spaceand digital products will place the user in the position to enter the world and new experience, as achild who will experience the absolute universal freedom of the modern world. In this world, someaudience as user break down the old code and with a new understanding of the aesthetics of thevirtual world will have a new deal with the phenomenon of art. They are producing books that arerelated to the process of their lives and their understanding of this virtual world.


Mohammad Reza Bagheri Lori

Ph.D. Student at Art Research, Art University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran

Nader Sahyegan Far

Assistant Professor of the School of Advanced Studies in Arts and Entrepreneurship, Art University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran

Asghar Kafshchian

Associate Professor of Visual Arts, College of Fine Arts, Tehran University, Tehran, Iran