An Approach By Nahj al-Balāghah’s:

Publish Year: 1394
نوع سند: مقاله ژورنالی
زبان: English
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Zahrah Sabouhi University Professor, Azad University   Abstract: Nahaj al-Balāghah is divided into three sections of Sermons, Letters and short Sayings or' Wise Sayings'(ḥikam), as they are usually called. Nahaj al-Balāghah dates back to about one thousand years ago when the late Sayyid Radi compiled these Letters and Sermons at the end of the third and the outset of the fifth century (۴۰۰A.H.). It is, thus, a one-thousand-year-old book. It is to be noted, however, before Sayyid Radi efforts to gather Ali's Sermons and Sayings, they were scattered in the books of the Traditions' and history. Faith in Tuhid is the first pillar of Islam. Tuhid or One-ness of Allah is the central point of the teachings of all the prophets. Each prophet put his emphasis on this doctrine. The best means by which seekers of nearness to Allah, the Glorified, the Exalted, seek nearness, is the belief in Him and His Prophet. In this article, the focus is to reveal the importance of Praise in Amir al-Mu'minin’s (a.s.) sayings. Also, the approach by which Imam puts forward the most fundamental pillar of Islam will be discussed and analyzed. Blessed is he who sincerely devotes the entirety of his actions, knowledge, love, hatred, receiving, relinquishing, speech, silence, deeds, and statements absolutely to Allah.