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Results from the use of the Corvis ST

Year: 1401
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Dana Rezaei, - Masters student
Mehdi Rajabiun - Assistant Professor, Technical and Engineering Department, Islamic Azad University, Momghan Branch


Objective: To study the biomechanics of the cornea using the Corvis STMethod: The Corvis ST uses a high-speed Scheimpflug camera that captures crosssectionalimages of the cornea during the reshaping process. After a steady puff of air,the cornea moves inward and reaches its maximum deformation and then returns to itsprevious position. In ۳۱ consecutive minutes, consecutive imaging of the cornea andcross-sectional profiles of the posterior and anterior surfaces are performed during theapplication of external dynamic air pressure.Conclusion: Corvis ST is not reliable in measuring HCPD. With the informationobtained from this device, a distinction is made between the effects of IOP and cornealbiomechanics on corneal deformation. Among the biomechanical parameters, A۱T andHCR showed good ability to detect keratoconus.No significant differences were observed between men and women for any of thebiomechanical parameters. Age was positively correlated with A۱DA, A۲DA andHCDA. The cornea is more closely related to collagen fibers and becomes harder withage.CVS-IOP error increased significantly with higher CCT


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