The Role of Human Resource Management on Organizational Performance mediated by Intellectual Capital and OrganizationalEntrepreneurship of South Khorasan Sports and Youth Administration Staf

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The purpose of this study was to investigate the role of human resource management on organizational performance b mediating intellectual capital and organizational entrepreneurship of employees It was the Youth and Sports Administration of South Khorasan. The present study was applied in terms of purpose and in terms of descriptive-correlational nature, which is The field shape has taken place. The statistical population in this study included all sports and youth staff in South Khorasan (۱۹۵ ). he statistical sample of the study was selected by the whole ۱۹۰ number due to the limited number of the population, which ultimately came out of the questionnaire. Distributed were used for analysis in the study. The instruments used in this study included questionnairesHuman Resource Management Of Abtahi et al.)۲۰۰۹) which includes ۲۰ questions and ۴ dimensions, intellectual capital of Buntis (۱۹۹۸) which includes several questions and Three dimensions, organizational entrepreneurship razavi et al. (۲۰۱۰) which includes ۲۰ questions and ۶ dimensions and organizational performance of Hersey and Goldsmith ۲۰۰۳, including ۲۳ questions and ۶ dimensions were used. That all the questions were in likert s ۵-value spectrum, the end of thisThe questionnaires were reported to be ۰.۸۳, ۰.۹۱, ۰.۸۷ and ۰.۸۶ percent, respectively, and in this study, using Cronbach s alpha coefficient of reliability, human resource management questionnaires, organizational entrepreneurship, intellectual capital and organizational performance, respectively ۰.۹۳, ۰.۹۲, ۰.۹۵, ۰.۹۳ were approved. For data analysis, structural states (PLS) are used. In this study, we concluded that human resource management does not directly affect organizational performance and with Mediating variables of intellectual capital and organizational entrepreneurship affect organizational performance and the results showed that among management Human resources with organizational performance(۰.۹۳), intellectual capital(۰.۹۲) and organizational entrepreneurship(۰.۹۵) in sports and youth management staff There was a positive and significant relationship between South Khorasan. Therefore, it is suggested that the managers of sports and youth departments of Khorasan province South consider appropriate human development strategies in their goals and pay attention to different aspects of organizational entrepreneurship And continuously evaluate the performance of employees in order to increase the performance of their organization.