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Using Elliptic Air-Holes in a Photonic Crystal Fiber to Obtain Ultra-Flattened Dispersion and Ultra-Low Confinement loss

Year: 1391
COI: ICEE20_027
Language: EnglishView: 970
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M. Aliramezani - Iran Space Industries Group
Sh. Mohammadnejad - Nanoptronics Research Center, Iran University of Science and Technology
R. Ghiasi Farahani - Iran Space Industries Group


In this article, a novel photonic crystal fiber (PCF) structure with elliptic air-holes is proposed. The proposed PCF shows ultra-flattened dispersion and ultra-low confinement losscharacteristics in C-band to U-band. The design strategy to achieve ultra-flattened dispersion is based on replacing twocircular air-hole rings with elliptic air-hole rings. The elliptic air-hole characteristics (width and height) are optimized to obtain ultra-flattened dispersion. Furthermore, in this paperup-doped core is used to reduce confinement loss. The validity of the proposed design is carried out by employing a 2-D finitedifference frequency domain method (FDFD) with perfectly matched layers (PML


Confinement loss , dispersion , elliptic airhole , finite difference frequency domain method , photonic crystal fiber

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