The Impression of the Originality of Existence Philosophy Concepts in the Dramatic Literature with Emphasis on Three Plays (Nausea,Dirty Hands and the Satan and God)

Publish Year: 1399
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Jean-Paul Sartre's point of view on the originality of existence philosophy is interleaved withconcepts such as: freedom, apprehension, choice, awareness and human presence as well aseverything that leading to man's liberation is reflected in his plays. Jean-Paul Sartre puts existenceprecede to the nature and considered the man as a potential free being that in the way of freedom heis responsible not only for himself but also for others. In the book of "Existence and Non-Existence" he is believes in deconstruction in all social and cultural fields. Sartre sees drama as awindow for attitudinize the universe. The concept of existentialism in his plays is under theinfluence of philosophical and ideological propositions. Moral and political characteristics in theworks of Jean-Paul Sartre expressed in such a way that describes a kind of worldview withphilosophical propositions and dramatic, artful technique.Therefore, one of the questions in this article is how did Sartre's dramatic literature benefit from thephilosophy of existentialism?How does existence and non-existence appear in most of Sartre's plays? What does the concept ofhell basically mean in his works? In this article, an attempt has been made to demonstrate howexistence and non-existence and the critique of dialectical wisdom have been evaluated in hisplays.


Hamid Kakasoltani

Ph.D. Department of Theatre, Faculty Member of Arts, Central Tehran Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran

Pedram Dadfar

Ph.D. Student, Department of Photography, Faculty Member of Arts, Central Tehran Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran