Numerical simulation of two phase flow in high pressure and low pressure evaporator pipes in recovery boiler

Publish Year: 1390
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تاریخ نمایه سازی: 22 مرداد 1391


In this study, a numerical simulation of evaporation in two phase flow of water has been performed considering energy and mass transfer during phase change based on the VOF ( volumeof fluid ) model in CFD software Fluent 6.3, with a UDF (user defined function)as an evaporation, and unsteady solution isconsidered in several times. The operating conditions are specified at high pressure (HP), 99.7 bar and low pressure (LP), 10.5 bar in saturation conditions of water flow intemperature, 583 K and 450 K, respectively. Also, the physical properties of water are determined by inlet temperature andpressure system in saturation conditions. Two phase properties such as void fraction, distribution of wall temperature, heattransfer coefficient and heat flux are also investigated in this study. The simulations are carried out on upward water flow in a two dimensional vertical tube with constant temperature of wall heating surface condition. The pressure-implicit with splitting of operators (PISO) pressure-velocity coupling schemeis used to improve the efficiency of calculation. The flow is considered as turbulent based on the RNG k–ε model


B Hasanpoor

Faculty of Engineering, University of Guilan, Rasht Engineering and Manufacturing Unit, MAPNA.Co