A new Approach for the Use of RFID and MobileTechnologies to Create a Library System for VisuallyHandicapped People

Publish Year: 1401
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تاریخ نمایه سازی: 13 خرداد 1402


Purpose: Regarding the problems of people with visual impairments,especially among public library patrons, this research aims to introduce anew pattern with respect to existing technologies such as RFID andcellphones to enable this group of people to search through librarycollections independently.Design/methodology/approach: A new pattern is developed by designingan information system which integrated current technologies, includinghardware and software to make it possible to search library collections fromcellphones. A simulation method is used to develop the model.Findings: This study focused on the difficulties experienced by all users,especially visually handicapped people when searching public librarycollections and trying to find and access to the right addresses andinformation. Taking advantage of the simulation method, a new informationsystem is created which integrates technologies of RFID, cellphones anddatabases to enable visually handicapped people to find library building andtheir paths through library stacks. They can search library collections fromtheir cellphones independently and pick up their retrieved titles from librarystacks. The hand-held device is very cheap, simple and does not require anyspecial training to use it.Research limitations/implications (if applicable): The major limitation ofthis study - which is also its merit - is that it is based on current technologies– software and hardware which change very rapidly over time. In addition, itis also based on the knowledge that we have from the behaviors of visuallyhandicapped people in public libraries which can be changed over time.Despite these facts the system can be used in similar environments, such asmuseums and art galleries to search and find artifacts.Originality/Value: The integration of the available technologies andknowledge is the major value and merit of the present study which can beseen in the development of information systems in public libraries. To thiswe can add its low cost, easy updates, and less need for long range training.The Authors’ investigations showed that there is no similar system with thesame specifications which are presented in this study.


habib naderi-boldaji

PhD student of The Department of computer Sciences, Najafabad Branch, Islamic AzadUniversity, Najafabad, Iran

zouhayr hayati

Associate Professor of Library and Information Science, Shiraz, Iran,

zahra tahmasebi-boldaji

MSc of The Department of Computer Software Engineering, Arak University, Arak, Iran,