Investigating the status of schools in Rafsanjan based on the characteristics of the learning organization

Publish Year: 1402
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تاریخ نمایه سازی: 2 مرداد 1402


Background and Objectives: Learning organizations are organizations that seek to improve their reactions to internal and external changes based on the concept of dynamic and endless learning. In such an organization, education and learning are recognized as a main principle and goal, and efforts are made to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of employees and organizational devices. The purpose of this research was to investigate the status of schools in Rafsanjan based on the characteristics of the learning organization.Methodology: The current applied study was conducted in ۱۴۰۲ by adopting a quantitative-descriptive approach. The statistical population in this research included all the school teachers of Rafsanjan, whose number is ۸۱۱ according to the statistics. In order to determine the sample size, the Karjesi and Morgan table is used, the number of samples is equal to ۲۶۰ people. A stratified random sampling method based on male and female gender was used to select research samples. The data collection method included library and field methods. The data collection tool in this research was Peter Sange's standard learning organization questionnaire (۱۹۹۷) which has ۳۲ questions with a Likert scale and ۵ main components, the reliability of which was equal to ۰.۹۳. All statistics were used for data analysis on software SPSS ۲۱ software was used.Results: The results of the research showed that learning culture, leadership of colleagues, ability to coordinate with technology, coordination between groups and encouraging knowledge sharing were among the important characteristics of learning organizations. Conclusion: Learning organizations are a useful framework for taking advantage of organizational knowledge and creating an environment for growth and development for employees. Due to the characteristics of being a learner, organizations that use this approach will have significant success in their business.


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Master's degree in educational management, Kerman province, Rafsanjan city

مینا میرزائی

Master's degree in educational management, Mahan, Kerman province

حمیدرضا علی نژاد ملک آباد

Master's degree in educational management, Kerman province eduation office, Rafsanjan