The Importance of Green Roof Design in ImprovingHuman Interaction with Nature

Publish Year: 1402
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تاریخ نمایه سازی: 29 مرداد 1402


Many cities lack adequate open space. On the other hand, a lack of land and development isinevitable in meeting the growing need of the current population, green space has paved thesolution for enhancing the value of development. Due to the built form of many modern cities,green roofs might be the only option for introducing green space. Since green roofs arecomposed of natural elements, they can also improve the quality and attractiveness of thebuilding and its surrounding location. Studies have shown that people have a strong affinity forplaces and views which contain natural elements. Such views have reduced feelings of stressand allow relaxation, improving overall well-being. Green roofs also provide the basis to createnew recreational opportunities. Greening rooftops will allow the city to solve the problem ofneighborhoods where there is a critical lack of green space, yet no space for new parks. The aimof this article is to the importance of green roof design in improving human interaction withnature. Green roofs provide multiple environmental, social, economic, and aesthetic benefits.Therefore, the organization and development of green roofs allow cities to improve humaninteraction with nature in addition to positive effects on the quality of urban life.



Sanaz Rahimlou

The Master of Interior Architecture, Department of Architecture and Building, Faculty of Al-Zahra,Technical and Vocational University (TVU), Tabriz, Iran