an Application of the Logit Model to the Analysis of Informal Sector Activities

Publish Year: 1377
نوع سند: مقاله ژورنالی
زبان: English
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This paper reports on the results of a research carried out during ۱۹۹۳-۹۴ aiming at studying street sellers as an informal sector activity and a source of socio-economic problems in Shiraz, Iran. This study makes use of two Logit models in order to present a unified framework depiciting the factors that seem to affect the developmeht of informal sector activities. The first model looks at those factors affecting one’s choice of hawking as a job, and the second looks at those tactors responsible for the sustenance of hawking in Shiraz. The results of the study show that: ۱) unavailability of proper jobs in the formal sector, ۲) lack ۰۱ proper skills required to he employed in the formal sector, ۳) inadequate income earned in the formal sector; and finally, ۴) the indecisiveness of the local authorities towards the Street sellers have led to the sustenance of hawking in Shiraz.