Machine learning, the necessity of learning this knowledge in the metaverse and how it will change our lives

Publish Year: 1402
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تاریخ نمایه سازی: 7 آبان 1402


The Advancement of Technology in The Field of Information Technology Has Led to The Creation of Different Methods for Working with Various Types of Software and Devices. Meanwhile, Machine Learning Is Used as One of The Effective Methods of Designing Machines and Providing Necessary Training to Users. In This Way, The Experiences and Skills Acquired by Different People Are Provided to The Learners and This Has Improved the Performance of The Institutions. In Fact, Using General and Specific Algorithms, Data Science Has Been Able to Provide a Suitable Field for Planning Each and Every Part of a Database; Therefore, We Felt It Necessary to Introduce You to Machine Learning, Its Applications and The Importance of Learning Artificial Intelligence. In General, Machine Learning Has Different Methods, Among Which Three Main Methods of Supervised Learning, Unsupervised Learning and Reinforcement Learning Can Be Mentioned. In Fact, The Algorithm Used in A Database Is Also Part of This Category and Its Performance Is Based on These Three Main Pillars; Therefore, People Who Intend to Learn Machine Science Should Pay Special Attention to This Point and Consider These Three Main Parts During the Learning Process. Metaverse is an enhanced ۳D version of the digital world that introduces a range of realities and business models to transform almost every aspectof life and business in the next decade, enabling collaboration in virtual spaces, augmented physical locations, and a combination of both. Bringing Metaverse creates new lines of business and transforms interactions between customers and companies. Right now, businesses are racing towards a future that is very different from the one they were designed to operate in, the future of the Metaverse.


Machine learning , metaverse and change our lives


Farshad GANJI

Business-Accounting and Finance Ph.D. (C) The student in the Institute of Social Sciences, University of İstanbul Arel, Istanbul, Turkey