A Review of Corrosion Failures in Desalination Plants - Some Case Studies

Publish Year: 1400
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Only a limited amount of water on the earth is suitable for domestic, industrial, or agricultural applications. Accordingly, seawater must be treated and turned into freshwater to meet the need of the growing population. The desalination process is conducted in industrial plants. One of the most significant causes of failures in desalination plants is the phenomenon of corrosion which occurs in different forms, particularly in the form of localized corrosion. Two main reasons for such corrosion failures are the high sodium chloride concentration in seawater and the incorrect design of different components. Unanticipated corrosion may contribute to unexpected stops, resulting in lower productivity and more importantly, loss of life. Thus, corrosion control technology will reduce emergency stops and increase efficiency. It is achievable to prevent future failures in this industry by analyzing previous failures, their origins, and prevention methods. Therefore, these subjects have been discussed in this paper, and some case studies have been reviewed.