Investigation of Air Quality Index and PM۱۰ and PM۲.۵ in Arak

Publish Year: 1392
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تاریخ نمایه سازی: 8 آذر 1402


Background and purpose: In this study, the air quality index and concentration of particles such as PM۱۰ and PM۲.۵ were investigated in Arak. Materials and Methods: To determine the concentration of PM۱۰ and PM۲.۵, ۶۰ samples were collected by laser TSI model ۸۵۲۰ in summer and winter ۲۰۱۲. The collection site was around Arak city center. Results: during the sampling period, as a matter of PM۱۰, the cleanest and the most polluted month were December and June with the average of ۳۴.۳۳ µg m-۳ and ۱۰۰.۱ µg m-۳, respectively. The concentration of PM۲.۵ was ۱۲.۹۳ and ۵۳.۱۷ µg m-۳ for December and June, respectively. Meanwhile, in terms of air quality index (AQI), in ۹۸.۳% and ۷۰% of cases, the concentrations of PM۱۰ and PM۲.۵, respectively were less than normal (AQI۱۰۰). Conclusion: The concentration of PM۱۰ in the study period was less than Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ۲۰۰۶ guideline. Meanwhile, the concentrations of PM۲.۵ in ۳۰% of air samples were greater than EPA guideline. The average PM۲.۵/PM۱۰ ratio during the sampling period was ۰.۴۱ compared to range ۰.۱۵ to ۰.۲۵ reported by EPA.


Fatemeh Fazelinia

Arak University of Medical Sciences

Ali Akbar Khodabandehlou

Khoramabad University of Medical Sciences

Lida Rafati

Yazd University of Medical Sciences

Amir Hossein Mahvi

School of Public Health, National Institute of Health Research, Center for Solid Waste Research, Tehran University of Medical Sciences