A Survey of the Usage of Personal Protective Devices in Industrial Workers in Yazd, Iran, in ۲۰۱۱

Publish Year: 1394
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Background and purpose: Many workers are exposed to workplace hazards. Many occupational diseases are preventable by personal protective devices (PPDs). Though many workers do not use PPDs or their protection by PPDs is not sufficient. This study was designed to assess the quality of PPDs usage among industrial workers. Materials and Methods: In a cross-sectional study, ۶۴۸ workers from four main industries (tile and ceramic, metal, textile, and chemical) were evaluated for PPDs use. The quality of appropriate PPDs was defined according to the workplace exposures, available PPDs, and time of exposure. The reasons for non-usage of PPDs were evaluated as well. Data were analyzed by SPSS using chi-square test. Results: On average, ۵۶.۸%, ۶۹.۶%, and ۶۱.۶% of workers were exposed to noise, and respiratory and dermal exposures, respectively. From the workers who needed PPDs, ۷۷.۸%, ۲۶.۳%, and ۲۱% used gloves, respirators and hearing protection devices, respectively. The most frequent reason for non-usage was discomfort while wearing PPDs. Conclusion: This study showed an unsatisfactory situation in the industries for PPDs usage: Low compliance rate, inadequate training programs, and low quality of usage.