Concept design of Vehicle Structure for the purpose of computing torsional and bending stiffness

Publish Year: 1396
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Automotive design engineers face the challenging problem of developing products in highly competitive markets. In this regard, using conceptual models in the first step of automotive development seems so necessary. In this paper, to make a body in white conceptual model, an engineering approach is developed for the replacement of beam-like structures, joints, and panels in a vehicle model. The proposed replacement methodology is based on the reduced beam, joint, and panel modeling approach, which involves a geometric analysis of beam member cross-sections and a static analysis of joints. In order to validate the proposed approach, an industrial case-study is presented. Two static load cases are defined to compare the original and the concept model by evaluating the stiffness of the full vehicle under torsion and bending in accordance with the standards used by automotive original equipment manufacturer (OEM) companies. The results show high accuracy of the concept models in comparison with the original model in bending and torsional stiffness prediction.