Virulence assessment of a Neospora caninum isolate for inbred C۵۷BL/۶ mouse

Publish Year: 1391
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Neospora caninum (N. caninum) is an apicomplexan parasite and causes abortion and congenital neosporosis in cattle worldwide. In this study, we evaluate the virulence of a N. caninum isolate on mouse strain C۵۷BL/۶. Six groups of five mice C۵۷BL/۶ were intraperitoneally inoculated with ۱ × l۰۷, ۱.۵ × l۰۷, ۲ × l۰۷, ۳ × l۰۷ and ۴ × l۰۷ tachyzoites and a control inoculum of DMEM, respectively. Clinical signs and mortality rate were recorded and confirmed by histopathological findings and molecular method. The results of this study indicated that LD۵۰ was ۲.۵ × l۰۷ tachyzoites of N. caninum per C۵۷BL/۶ mouse. This can be used as a lethal challenge model in vaccine development studies.