Interactive effect of exercise training with ω-۳ supplementation on resting levels of TNF-α and IL-۱۰ in Karat Men

Publish Year: 1393
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تاریخ نمایه سازی: 28 بهمن 1402


Introduction: Perform heavy exercise training, causing a variety of changes including a reduction in performance. Few human studies have been examined of supplemental ω-۳ and exercise, then the aim of this study was to study the interactive effect of exercise and ω-۳ on resting levels of TNF-α and IL-۱۰ in elite Karate and compared with untrained. Methods: In this quasi-experimental study ۴۲ healthy young male elite karate and non-athletes, were randomly divided into study groups. Athletes: ۱- ω -۳ and exercise, ۲- placebo and exercise,۳- exercise and non-athletes: ۱- ω -۳, ۲- placebo,۳- control. Athletes groups performed pre-season practice in ۶۵% to ۸۰% VO۲ max. Consumption of ω -۳ was ۱۸۰۰mg/day for ۴ weeks. Blood sampling done ۴۸ hours before, ۱۲ hours fasting after protocol. TNF-α and IL-۱۰ were measured by ELISA and LDL, HDL Enzymatic methods. Results: Exercise training with ω-۳ for ۴ weeks do not have a significant effect on resting levels of IL-۱۰، TNF- α ،HDL و LDL (P>۰.۰۵). Then ω-۳ do not have a significant effect in non-athletes (P>۰.۰۵). Conclusion: The results showed that Although the consumption of ω-۳ do not have significant changes in TNF-α and IL-۱۰, but can slightly reduced TNF-α and increase in the IL-۱۰, that confirm its positive effects on inflammatory factors. However, more research seems necessary in this context.