A case Study on Asymmetric Evidence About the Impact of Income Fluctuations on Income Distribution (a Case Study of Published Data From an American State)

Publish Year: 1402
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تاریخ نمایه سازی: 16 اسفند 1402


A previous study that attempted to assess the impact of income volatility on income inequality in the United States used state-level data and a balanced panel model to conclude that increased volatility worsened the distribution of incomes in the United States. , which indicates that reduced volatility should reduce inequality. We use the same data set that spans nine years and revisit the issue using linear and non-linear ARDL time series models to show that the above conclusion does not hold for all states. While we find asymmetric effects of short-run income fluctuations on the measure of inequality in most states, they translate into long-run asymmetric effects in only ۱۶ states. Both cases of increased volatility and decreased volatility appear to have un equalizing effects on income distribution in these states.


Narges Hajighorbani

Department of Accounting, Faculty of Administrative sciences and Economics, Al Mahdi Mehr Isfahan Institute of Higher Education, Isfahan, Iran