Investigating the effects of continuous physical activities on the time to return to the initial state afterfatigue in the elderly

Publish Year: 1402
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تاریخ نمایه سازی: 25 فروردین 1403


This paper is a review article that utilizes information gathered from multiple published articles in reputabledomestic and international databases, as well as examinations of various websites. Its aim is to discuss the effectsof sustained physical activity on the recovery time to the initial state after fatigue in the elderly. The results indicatethat old age in the world is referred to as the period over ۶۰ years old, representing the final stage of the humanlife cycle. Elderly individuals have limited capacity for power regeneration and are more susceptible to diseases,syndromes, and fatigue than other adults. Various studies have shown that with increasing age, due to disordersoccurring in various systems, especially due to mobility limitations, individuals become more dependent on othersin performing daily tasks. Healthy aging not only implies the absence of significant illness and disability but alsoencompasses good mental health, maintaining cognitive abilities, and preserving social relationships andactivities. There is ample evidence suggesting that regular physical activity is essential for maintaining health.In conclusion, it can be inferred that regular exercise has a significant impact on the recovery time to the initialstate after fatigue in elderly individuals, and it can also be influential in their physical health.


Farnaz Seifi

Associate Professor of Sports Physiology, Faculty of Educational Sciences and Psychology, MohagheghArdabili University, Ardabil, Iran

Ghazi Mohammad Morshed

Master's student, Faculty of Educational Sciences and Psychology, Mohaghegh Ardabili University,Ardabil, Iran