Effect of Psychological–Behavioral Intervention on the mental health in children and adult during COVID-۱۹ : a systematic review- met-analysis

Publish Year: 1403
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زبان: English
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تاریخ نمایه سازی: 16 خرداد 1403


Background : Numerous studies have been conducted to investigate psychological interventions on COVID-۱۹-related anxiety and depression. A literature review revealed no meta-anysis that has reviewed the effect of psychological interventions on COVID-۱۹-related anxiety and depressionObjective : The present review examines the effect of psychological interventions on anxiety and depression during the COVID-۱۹ outbreak Materials and methods: The search strategy was to screen the relevant original English clinical trials in the electronic databases of PubMed, Cochrane Library, Web Of Science and Scopus published from January ۳۰, ۲۰۲۰ to March ۵, ۲۰۲۲.Results: The number of studies included for anxiety, depression and stress were ۳, ۴ and ۲, respectively. Based on the random effects model, the mean score (۹۵% confidence interval, ۹۵%CI) of anxiety in the intervention group before and after the intervention was ۱۳.۲۹ (۹.۲۲, ۱۷.۳۵) and ۶.۸۹ (۲.۸۸, ۱۰.۹۰), respectively. On the other hand, the mean score (۹۵% CI) of depression based on the random-effects model in the intervention group before and after intervention was ۹.۸۶ (۷.۳۵, ۱۲.۳۶) and ۹.۱۳ (۴.۳۸, ۷.۸۹), respectively. The random effects model for stress was also calculated. The mean score (۹۵% CI) of stress before and after the intervention was ۲۲.۰۶ (۱۱.۴۳, ۳۲.۶۸) and ۱۷.۵۰ (۸.۶۴, ۲۶.۳۷) in the intervention group and ۲۱.۶۸ (۱۲.۲۱, ۳۱.۱۴) and ۲۰.۹۷ (۴.۶۵, ۳۷.۲۸) in the control group. Conclusion: psychological interventions in different stages of the epidemic can be useful and practical to improve positive skills such as resilience, hope, and spiritual health to enhance mental health.


Sara Saadat

Pediatric Nephrology Assistant proffesor Department of Pediatric,Division of Nephrology Mashhad University of Medical Sciences, Dr Sheikh hospital ,Mashhad Iran.

Narges Malakoti

Nursing Research Center, Kerman University of Medical Sciences, Kerman, Iran

Roya Nikbakht

Epidemiology, Faculty of Health, Golestan University of Medical Sciences, Gorgan, Iran

Arman Shahabi

Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine Innovation Center Kerman University of Medical Sciences Kerman, Iran