Processes of forest products and production costs in Guilan forests, Iran

Publish Year: 1387
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تاریخ نمایه سازی: 21 خرداد 1403


This research was conducted in the west forest of Guilan, northern Iran. Data from various harvesting methods for ۲۰ years were collected. Results showed that, productivity rate of round wood, pulp wood and fuel wood has had an upward trend, while rate of traditional products (lumber, sawn wood, charcoal, etc.) has had a downward trend. Production cost has been investigated in this research. The results showed that, the main cost is the opportunity cost. Due to the disability of competition between the domestic wood price with the imported wood price, domestic wood industries will face serious investment difficulty in the future.   REFERENCES Andersson, G. and Eliasson, L. (۲۰۰۳) Effects on three harvesting methods on harwarder productivity in final felling. Proceedings ۲nd forest engineering conference, Vaxgo, Sweden, ۵ p. Baumgras, J.E., Hassler, C.C. and LeDoux, C.B. (۱۹۹۳) Estimating and validating harvesting system production through computer simulation. For. Prod. J. ۴۳, ۶۵-۷۱. Bonyad, A. (۱۹۸۹) Study of harvesting age for Beech (Fagus orientalis) in Asalem forest ( Northern Iran ). MSc. Dissertation, University of Tehran, ۹۶ p. Carter, D.R. & Newman, D.H. (۱۹۹۸) The impact of reserve prices in sealed did federal timber sale auctions. Forest Science, ۴۴, ۴۸۵-۴۹۵. FAO. (۱۹۹۹) State of world’s forests. Rome, ۴۱ p. Heshmatolvaezin, M. (۲۰۰۰) Economically harvesting planning for northern Forests of Iran. M.Sc Dissertation, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran, ۲۱۱ p. Howard, A.F. (۱۹۹۵) Price trends for stumpage and selected agricultural products in Costa Rica. Forest Ecology and Management. ۷۵, ۱۰۱-۱۱۰. Iranian Forests, Pastures and Watershed Organization. ۲۰۰۶. Reports of forest productivity in northern forests of Iran, ۱۱۵ p. Linden, M. & Uusivuori, J. (۲۰۰۰) Modeling timber price forecasts and stumpage market expectation in Finland ۱۹۰۰- ۱۹۹۵. Journal of Forest Economics, ۶, ۱۳۱-۱۴۹. Lohmander, P. (۱۹۸۷) Pulse extraction under risk and a numerical forestry application. International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, IIASA, WP- ۸۴-۴۹, ۳۹ p. Mohammadi Limaei, S. and Lohmander, P. (۲۰۰۷) Stumpage Prices in the Iranian Caspian Forests, Asian Journal of Plant Sciences. ۶, ۱۰۲۷-۱۰۳۶. Naghdi R., (۲۰۰۴) Comparative study of tree length and cut to length logging methods for determining suitable forest road network in Neka-Zalemroud region. PhD Dissertation, Faculty of Natural Resources, Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran, Iran, ۲۳۰ p.


R. Naghdi

Department of Forestry, Faculty of Natural Resources, University of Guilan, Sowmehsara, P.O. Box: ۱۱۴۴ ,Iran.

AE Bonyad

Department of Forestry, Faculty of Natural Resources, University of Guilan, Sowmehsara, Iran

H Maskani

Environmental Research Institute of Jahad Daneshgahi, Rasht, Iran.