Thermal Stability of Orthotropic Graphene Film Based on Nonlocal nth-order Shear Deformation Theory

Publish Year: 1392
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تاریخ نمایه سازی: 4 اسفند 1392


In this article, the thermal buckling behavior of orthotropic graphene sheet (Gs) resting on tow parameter foundation is studied. Analysis is carried outwith the consideration of small scale effects. Classical local continuum theory does not involve these effects. The most reportedly used continuum theory foranalyzing small scale structures is the Eringen’s nonlocal elasticity theory. The formulation is derived using the nth-order shear deformation theory incombination with the nonlocal elasticity theory. The classical plate theory usually over predicts the critical loads. The inaccuracy is due to neglecting the effects oftransverse shear and normal strains in the nanoplates. nth-order shear deformation theory represents the kinematics better, does not require shear correction factor and yield more accurate inter laminar stress distributions. Analytical solution has been used tosolve the governing equations for all edges simply supported boundary conditions. The effects of the small scale on the buckling temperature of Gsconsidering various geometrical parameters are examined. It can be seen that as the nonlocal parameter increases the percentage difference between local andnonlocal theory increases. It can also be seen that as the length to thickness ratio increases the percentagedifference between nth-order and third-order shear deformation theory decreases.


Hadi Ahmadi

Department of Mechanical Engineering, Shahrekord University

Hossein Golestanian

Department of Mechanical Engineering, Shahrekord University

Hossein Mamanpush

Department of Mechanical Engineering, Shahrekord University

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