Study of secure m-commerce, challenges and solutions

Publish Year: 1392
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تاریخ نمایه سازی: 24 فروردین 1393


With the development of mobile technology and the extensive use of intellectual mobile terminal, the mobile E-commerce has become a brand new method for the business activity for bothindividuals and enterprises. However, as the mobile Ecommerce is in its infancy, its commercial environment is stillnot perfect and exist transaction security problems become a barrier in the rapid growth of mobile commerce subscriber. Inorder to make a way to select an appropriate solution to addressM-commerce security problems, this survey completely focus on security issues in M-commerce and analyze the securityrequirements and important vulnerable of mobile e-commerce, existing security solutions are investigated in detail, the surveyhighlights important parameters and discusses the impact of the parameters on security, the survey identifies the open researchissues regarding security and privacy in mobile e-commerce, and finally, state of the art taxonomy is presented


Ali Mirarab

Qom, Iran

AbdolReza Rasouli kenari

Electrical and Computer Department, Qom University of Technology Qom, Iran