An Overview of Theories of Phonetics: Past and Present

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تاریخ نمایه سازی: 30 آبان 1394


Phonetics and phonology both are concerned with the study of speech. Phonology is the study of sound system and the way of constructing mental shapes from sounds. Phonetics concentrates on the way in which speech sounds phones/segments are physically produced. In the study of phonetics, there are four main areas: forensic phonetics (legal); acoustic phonetics (transmission); auditory phonetics (reception); articulatory phonetics (production). This study is investigated that in articulatory phonetics, there are two major approaches: traditional phonetics and systematic or modern phonetics. Consonant, place and manner of articulation and vowels and organs of articulation is discussed in traditional phonetics by this article. In systematic phonetics, some features like: vocalic vs. consonantal, syllabic, sonorant vs. obstruent, coronal, tense and lax, strident, sibilant, lip rounding, aspiration, continuant vs. abrupt release and anterior vs. back is discussed by this article. This article is investigated the differences of these two major approaches in the past and present and about what is happened in the traditional phonetics and systematic phonetics, and this article is shown differences between them.


Mahboobeh Joze Tajareh

MA Candidate of TEFL , Department of English language, Tonekabon Islamic Azad University,Tonekabon, IRAN

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