Numerical investigation of turbulent flow in double pipe heat exchangers with alternating oval tubes

Publish Year: 1394
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تاریخ نمایه سازی: 6 اسفند 1395


Heat exchangers are widely used in many devices in different industries and also in much life equipment. Efficiency improvement of heat exchangers has been always of interests of engineers. Double pipe heat exchangers are popular and widely used in oil refinement and chemical industries. Although round tubes are commonly used in such heat exchangers, some research suggests tubes with elliptical cross section to enhance heat transfer performance. In present study, tubes with elliptical cross section are employed and the characteristics of heat exchangers are compared to that of with round tubes. Inner tube includes oval shaped pipes which are located horizontal and vertical alternatively. These oval shaped pipes are connected by transition section. For this purpose two different configurations are constructed and tested numerically by commercial software Fluent 6.3. Results are presented for local and overall heat transfer and flow parameters such as friction factor, pressure loss and overall heat transfer coefficient. Turbulent flow at both inner and outer tube flow is considered at Reynolds number ranging from 10000 up to 60000. RNG k-


Double pipe heat exchangers , Elliptical cross section , Heat transfer , Turbulence


S.M Hosseinalipour

Iran University of Science and Technology;

Sina Karbalaee M.

Iran University of Science and Technology;

Hamed Fathian Nasab

Iran University of Science and Technology;