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The Shahnameh: Simurgh Ascent

کنگره بین المللی زبان و ادبیات
Year: 1395
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Omid Ghahreman - Faculty of Humanities
Mohamad Djavad Akbari Motlaq - Faculty of Humanities


The staggering acknowledgment of Shahnameh, its portrayal and style of composing all through Iran and Central Asia happened to turned into the real purpose behind its further development through the span of time. The stories of this extraordinary epic recollected by heart and voyaged down to the present era through different means, show the glare and grandness of the old Iran. This story lyric has been praising the accomplishments of incredible brave persons of history leaving the Odyssey, the Iliad behind and convincing Milton to create the Paradise Lost and rousing Matthew Arnold to compose the Researcher Gypsy. Also, in numerous different fields as well, our tolerant age has seen the enormity of Shahnameh of Ferdowsi in the actuality that it has been a book of reference for the writers of Persian verse. All characters of this awesome epic assume an indispensable part in the lives of the general population who venture gallant energy and demonstrate the ceremony and glory of Iran before the appearance of Islam. Also, consequently, Shahnameh is considered as the national epic of Iran.The stories and accounts of the Shahnameh, in various structures of writing created in the later periods, filled Iranians with pride. The Iranians shocked Arab and Turkish impact in history and continuously delighted in moral and otherworldly predominance over them. Strangely, not a solitary Persian book on writing, history and society can be seen without minor or significant reference to Shahnameh. The best effect of Shahnameh is apparent from the mysterious writing of Iran. The genuine or fanciful characters of Shahnameh procured particular positions in the typical and allegorical spiritualist exposition and verse.Out of numerous such suggestions, the Simurgh has all the earmarks of being one of the significant reference focuses being duplicated in the magical treatises of Iran again and again. It serves as a model of the commitment towards the otherworldly ace. The book Mantequt-Tair of incredible spiritualist writer, Feriduddin Attar recovers the depiction of Simurgh made by Ferdowsi to a bigger canvas of writing and enchantment. Likewise, other later writers of Persian and Indo-Persian writing created Simurgh from the Shahnameh and in this way she climbed from the powder of Shahnameh to the more noteworthy skyline of Persian writing.In the Western world too this source is being used in brandishing occasions, showy execution, film and music. Thus, features like Fabulous Hollywood Epic, Epic Contest at Twickenham (1591) The spending plan should have ensured an activity stuffed epic and so forth are confirmation to the effect of Shahnameh.In the Holy Avesta the references of this nonexistent winged animal are made as Mereghu Saena which implies a flying creature having tremendous wings. While flying, its shadows conceal the mountain and it has made its dwelling place a tree on the bank of the Farakhgart (maybe the Aral Sea on the other hand the Caspian Sea). This tree is extremely helpful in prescription and rests of ifferent plants start from this tree as well. (Warharam Yesht, 1335)Simurgh, Murghaane-Murghaan, Murghe-Farmaanrawa, Chaare-gar, Darmaangar, Astura-e-Oruj, Bolandi, Kaamrawaee, Neeru, Maujude-Kaamil, Wahdate-Wojud and numerous different names have been credited to this winged animal of Excellence. Simurgh is additionally given the title of Khezar or Peere-Moghan. (Wahidi, 1312)

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