The seismic performance of frames with TKBF knee brace

Publish Year: 1396
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Knee brace consists of a bending frame and a knee member which is connected to the beams and columns in the form of diagonal. The lateral intensity of the frame depends on the plasticity of joints and knee member. In this paper the effect of knee brace geometrical parameters in the lateral intensity of the structure were studied by ABAQUS software. As a result of roofs lateral displacement were observed that lateral displacements of all studying models are studied in the regulations. The amount of lateral displacement of systems by TKBF cross and knee bracing has been in the amount of lateral displacements of EBF2, CBF1 (2.6Mp/Vp)models. In models by TKBF cross and knee bracing with increasing the ratio of b/B and h/H; the lateral displacement of system increases


Shahpoor Mehdipour

MS.c,Department of Civil Engineering, Islamic Azad University, Arak, Iran