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8th International Conference on Seismology and Earthquake Engineering



8th International Conference on Seismology and Earthquake Engineering روز یکشنبه، 19 آبان، 1398 لغایت سه شنبه، 21 آبان، 1398 توسط پژوهشگاه بین المللی زلزله شناسی و مهندسی زلزله و تحت حمایت سیویلیکا در شهر Tehran برگزار گردید.

Subjects Covered: Earth-Surface Processes، Geology، Geotechnical Engineering / Engineering Geology، Structural Engineering
Holders: پژوهشگاه بین المللی زلزله شناسی و مهندسی زلزله و تحت حمایت سیویلیکا
City: Tehran

Since the previous SEE conference in 2015, the world has experienced several severe earthquakes such as Chile (2015); Taiwan, Japan, Ecuador, Italy, Indonesia, New Zealand (2016); Mexico, Iran (2017); and New Guinea (2018) which have claimed about 3000 lives and caused a lot of damage and destruction.

The population growth and enhancement of life quality has resulted in an increase in the number of buildings and civil infrastructures as well as rising the public demand that results in a high probability of direct and indirect loss due to the occurrence of big earthquakes.

Earthquake risks and the diversity of the related fields cause more challenges and initiate relevant applied and scientific research with the necessity of presenting new solutions and introducing innovative methods for decreasing such risks.

In this regard, based on its goals, strategies and tasks, IIEES holds an international conference every four years, the eighth of which will be held in November 2019 in Tehran, Iran.

During the conference, national and international researchers and stakeholders involved in Seismology, Earthquake Engineering, and Earthquake Risk Management will discuss, share and exchange their latest achievements and state-of-the-art.



Seismotectonics and Paleoseismology

Seismology and Seismic Network

Engineering Seismology and SGM

Seismic Hazard Modeling and Analysis

Earthquake Early Warning System

Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering

  Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering


Earth Structures: Foundations, Retaining Walls, Embankment Dams, Tunnels, etc.

Site Effects and Soil-Structure Interaction

Geotechnical Testing and Physical Modeling

Geotechnical Hazards

Structural Earthquake Engineering



Structural Modeling and Seismic Analysis

Seismic Design of Structures and Codes

Seismic Retrofit of Structures

Seismic Vulnerability Assessment and Retrofitting 

Structural Testing and Modeling

Structural Health Monitoring of Buildings and Infrastructures

Seismic Isolation and Structural Control

Construction Policies and Regulations 

Earthquake Risk Management



Risk and Resilience of Infrastructures

Integrated Disaster Risk Management

Risk Modeling and Loss Assessment

Socio and Cultural Consequences of Earthquake

Earthquake Insurance and Economy

Risk Communication and Public Education

Response, Rehabilitation and Recovery

Urban Risk and Resilience


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این کنفرانس تحت تایید و حمایت سیویلیکا برگزار میشود و مقالات آن در سیویلیکا و کنسرسیوم محتوای ملی نمایه و منتشر خواهد شد


Date of holding:
10 November 2019 - 12 November 2019
Deadline for submitting original articles:
10 September 2019
Deadline Abstract:
10 July 2019
Date of abstract announcement:
10 August 2019


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Organizational Structure

Conference Chairman
Mohammadkazem Jafari
Scientific Secretary
AbdolReza Sarvghadmoghadam
executive Secretary
Farokh Parsizadeh