International Journal of Coastal and Offshore Engineering

International Journal of Coastal and Offshore Engineering (IJCOE) is an international medium for the publication of original researches and development works. This is a peer-reviewed, open access journal and ranked as a Scientific-Research journal and published in collaboration with Iranian Association of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering and Brunel university.

International Journal of Coastal and Offshore Engineering is a peer-reviewed medium for the publication of original research and significant developments in the related fields. The journal is intended to cover not only fundamental studies, but also results of field measurements and case studies of real projects. State-of-the-art review papers, which review particular areas of coastal engineering and offshore structures, are also welcomed and accepted.
The scope of the International Journal of Coastal and Offshore Engineering includes, but is not limited to, the following topic areas:

Coastal Engineering & Coastal Structures
Coastal Erosion & Coastal Protection
Coastal Morphology & Geomorphology
Port & Waterfront Engineering
Port Engineering & Maritime Industries  
Hydrography & Dredging Engineering
Marine & Coastal Geotechnics
Marine Structures & Marine Corrosion
Marine Hydrodynamics, Numerical & Simulations
Marine Renewable Energies Technology
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Offshore Engineering & Offshore Structures
Sub-Sea Technology, Installation & Maintenance
Ocean & Coastal Hazard,  Forecasting & Warning
Ocean Engineering & Ocean Technology
Satellite Oceanography  Technology
Marine Intelligent Systems
Marine Robotics &  Emerging Marine Technologies
Maritime Remote Sensing & Ocean Data
Maritime  Transportation & Marine Safety
Marine Navigation & Vessel Traffics Service
Physical Oceanography &  Ocean Dynamics
Atmosphere-Ocean Interaction
Maritime Environmental Engineering
Marine Pollutions, Simulation, Management & Control
Climate Change & Maritime Meteorology