The Archives of Bone and Joint Surgery


The Archives of Bone and Joint Surgery (ABJS) is an international, English language, peer-reviewed and free access which is currently published bimonthly. The journal is covering all fields of orthopedic surgery and sport medicine.

 The Archives of Bone and Joint Surgery (ABJS) accepts scientific papers including Original ResearchReview ArticleShort CommunicationCase Report, and Letter to the Editor in all fields of bone, joint, musculoskeletal surgery and related research.

The Archives of Bone and Joint Surgery(ABJS)  will publish papers in all aspects of  today`s modern orthopedic sciences including: Arthroscopy, Arthroplasty, Sport Medicine, Reconstruction, Hand and Upper Extremity, Pediatric Orthopedics, Spine, Trauma, Foot and Ankle, Tumor, Joint Rheumatic Disease, Skeletal Imaging, Orthopedic Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation, Orthopedic Basic Sciences( Biomechanics, Biotechnology, Biomaterial..).