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5th Symposium on Advances in Science and Technology (12 May 2011 - 17 May 2011) By موسسه آموزش عالی خاوران, موسسه آموزش عالي خاوران و تحت حمایت سیویلیکا Sponsered and indexing by Civilica in Mashhad برگزار می شود.با توجه به اینکه این همایش به صورت رسمی برگزار می گردد، کلیه مقالات این کنفرانس در پایگاه سیویلیکا و نیز کنسرسیوم محتوای ملی نمایه خواهد شد و شما می توانید با اطمینان کامل، مقالات خود را در این همایش ارائه نموده و از امتیازات علمی ارائه مقاله کنفرانس با دریافت گواهی کنفرانس استفاده نمایید.

کداختصاصی کنفرانس: SASTECH05
Subjects: Computer Science، Building and Construction ، Architecture ، General Engineering، Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Organizer: KHAVARAN Institute of Higher Education , موسسه آموزش عالي خاوران Sponsored and Indexed by Civilica
Held city: Mashhad

پنجمين كنفرانس بين المللي پيشرفت هاي علوم و تكنولوژي

The 2011 International Scientific Program of 5thSASTech scopes five categories of science and technology and a number of workshops on a wide range of technological themes.



• Civil Engineering 
+ Information Technology
+ Environmental Engineering
+ Remote Sensing
Water Resources Engineering and Management
+ Hydraulic Engineering and Turbulence Modeling
+ Transportation Engineering
+ Surveying,Geodesy and Geomatics
+ Construction Materials,Technology and Management
+ Soil,Foundation and Geotechnical Engineering
+ Structure Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering
+ Seismic Vulnerability and Retrofitting
+ Structural Engineering and Withstand Blast
+ Passive Defense Engineering

• Electrical,Communication Engineering
+ Digital and Microprocessor/Controller Systems
+ Solid State Devices,Circuits and Systems
+ Systems,Controls and Automated Manufacturing
+ Electromagnetic Fields and Applications
+ Digital Signal and Image Processing
+ Telecommunications and Information Systems
+ Power Systems and Industrial Power Electronics
+ Optical Devices and Systems
+ Nanotechnology and MEMS – Materials and Devices
+ Applied Electronics

• Computer Science and Technology
+ Bio Computation
+ Hardware/Architecture
+ Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality
+ Scientific Computing
+ Data Mining
+ IT Management / GIS / Remote Sensing
+ Grid Computing and Applications
+ Embedded Systems and Application
+ E-Learning,e-Business,Enterprise Information Systems,and e-Government
+ Artificial Intelligent
+ Internet systems & infrastructure
+ Networks
+ Knowledge representation & reasoning
+ Image Processing,Computer Vision,and Pattern Recognition
+ Modeling,Simulation,and Visualization Methods
+ Parallel and Distributed Processing Techniques and Applications
+ Security and privacy
+ Software/operating systems
+ Semantic Web and Web Services
+ Natural language & speech
+ Programming language and compilers
+ Algorithms
+ Database & information systems
+ Geometric computation
+ Human computer interaction
+ Machine learning
+ Match theory of computation
+ Probabilistic methods & game theoretic methods
+ Multi agent systems and applications

• Architecture
+ Sustainable Architecture
+ Design with Nature
+ Green Building (Case studies)
+ Building Construction
+ Interior Design
+ Landscape Architecture
+ Issues with Education,Research and Application

• Urban Studies+ Sustainable Development and Urban Form
+ Development of Electronic Services and Electronic City
+ GIS and Remote Sensing
+ Urban Identity
+ New Energies in Cities
+ Housing and Urban Affairs
+ Disaster Planning for Urban Areas
+ Disaster Management
+ Emergency Preparedness
+ Cities and Security
+ Economic Development
+ Redevelopment
+ Tourism
+ Urban Economics
+ Urban Finance
+ Environmental Issues
+ Sustainability
+ Urban Health
+ Technology and Society
+ Globalization
+ International Urban Issues
+ Governance
+ Intergovernmental Relations
+ Regionalism
+ Urban Management
+ Historic Preservation
+ Space and Place
+ Housing
+ Neighborhoods
+ Community Development
+ Human/Social Services
+ Immigration
+ Population and Demographic Trends
+ Infrastructure
+ Capital Projects
+ Networks
+ Transport
+ Urban Services
+ Land Use
+ Growth Management
+ Urban Development
+ Urban and Regional Planning
+ Urban Geography
+ Professional Development
+ The Field of Urban Affairs
+ Public Safety in Urban Areas
+ Urban Design
+ Urban Architecture and Landscape
+ Urban Indicators
+ Data/Methods
+ Satisfaction/Quality of Life Surveys
+ Urban Politics
+ Elections
+ Citizen Participation
+ Urban Theory
+ Theoretical and Conceptual Issues in Urban Affairs.


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Conference Credits

Sponsored and Indexed by
We Respect the Science
The conference is sponsored by CIVILICA, and articles will be indexed in CIVILICA and the National Consortium.


Important Dates

Holding date:
12 May 2011 - 17 May 2011
FullText Deadline:
25 February 2011
20 March 2011
Register Deadline:
10 April 2011


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