5th International Cultural Landscape Conference

5th International Cultural Landscape Conference روز دوشنبه، 26 آبان، 1393 توسط انجمن متخصصان فضاي سبز و منظر ايران و فدراسيون بين المللي معماران منظر در شهر Tehran برگزار می شود.


5th International Cultural Landscape Conference

Hold place: تهران
Year: 1393
Document ID: INCUL05

توضیحات کنفرانس

محورهاي همايش:


Historic Urban Landscape (HUL)

Contemporary Urban Cultural Landscape

Future Urban Cultural Landscape



- Identification, Protection, Restoration, and Integration of Heritage Cultural Landscapes into the Future of Cities

- Tangible and Intangible Values

- Collective Memories

- Genius Loci

- Socio-Economic Impacts

- UNESCO Recommendation on the Historic Urban Landscape

- Employing the HUL Tool Groups:

    1. Community Engagement

    2. Knowledge and Planning

    3. Regulatory Systems

    4. Financial Tools

- Urban Cultural Landscapes as an Umbrella to Drive Sustainability

- Urban Development Transformation Challenges

- Integration of Urban Heritage Assets with Future City Growth

- Globalization and Pressure for Increased Homogeneity

- Cultural Diversity and Creativity as an Engine for Vitality

- Urban Interventions Management

- Managing and Innovating for Quality of Daily Life and Tourist Visits

- Innovative Management Approaches

- Climate Change Impacts

- Disaster Impact Management

- Infrastructure Planning

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