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Journal of Earth Sciences and Technology

Journal of Earth Sciences and Technology is an international peer-reviewed journal, which aims to provide an interdisciplinary forum for researchers, to share innovative research on Earth-related topics. It is a quarterly journal striving to cover all branches of sciences and related technology, in the study, exploration and exploitation of earth resources, namely, geology, geophysics, environmental sciences, atmospheric sciences, hydrology, glaciology, petrology, petroleum engineering, mineralogy, tectonics, geochemistry, geography, etc. The emphasis will be on publishing high-quality articles, including research papers, reviews/mini-reviews, short communication, thematic issues and case reports.

We are welcoming submission of original articles on relevant subjects. All articles are reviewed by at least two referees for technical merit, quality of scientific content. Articles should discuss novel methodologies, theories, discoveries, and recent developments in Earth related sciences and technology. Articles should incorporate original data and facts to support the conclusions. It is recommended that authors follow the journal guidelines for preparing the manuscript to avoid any delay in reviewing process.

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مقالات مهم ژورنال از کلیه شماره ها (بیشترین دریافت)

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فصلنامه علوم و فناوری زمین

Journal of Earth Sciences and Technology
Subjects Covered: Geotechnical Engineering / Engineering Geology، Geography, Planning and Development، Mineral Processing، Environmental Sciences
Language: English
Holder: سید یاسر موسوی الاشلو
Frequency: Seasonal
eISSN: 2719-4094
First publish: 1399
Place: آلمان

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address: Duisburg, Germany
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