Journal of Islamic Political Studies

 The Journal of Islamic Political Studies is an academic contribution to the Islamic political thought with a multidisciplinary and international outlook. The journal covers the various subjects concerning political philosophy, political fiqh/law, socio-political sciences, methodologies of Islamic political studies, and comparative studies between Islamic and Western political sciences.

 In order to achieve our aims, the journal shall be prudent and remain faithful to the following policies:

Publishing the latest and pioneering hypotheses and ideas on Islamic political philosophy; Introducing and analyzing Islamic political thoughts through developing international communications; Providing an academic platform for scholars, teachers, and students to share their ideas and thoughts on various topics of Islamic political sciences and philosophy.

- Political philosophy

- Political Fiqh

- Political sciences

 to reach the following purposes:

۱- Increasing participation in spreading Islamic political knowledge

۲- Achieving and rendering the latest findings and outcomes of Islamic political area

۳- Preparing grounds of flourishing researchers and scientists with first ranks in Islamic political area

۴- Introducing and analyzing Islamic political thoughts and flows, developing international communications

۵- Extending Islamic political discourse and ramifications into frames of political philosophy, political Fiqh, and political sciences, comparative studies, …

۶- Synergizing and utilizing national and international scientific webs regarding Islamic political sciences

۷- Attaining scientific authority into Islamic political knowledge.